A Revolution in Selling Insurance

An AI-Powered, Instant Decision, Life-changing Way to Offer Insurance 24/7

A Refreshing Way to Sell Insurance

95% issue rates!

No case management.

Multiple carriers & products to choose from.

No underwriting hassles.

100% online instant decision EVERY TIME!

Full insurance Coverage in 10 Minutes or Less

Send customers to your own branded, white labeled, optimized website

Insurance that
Sells Itself

Think AI-Powered, machine learning coupled with a customer-focused instant decision platform, with not one, but multiple, leading and proprietary term and permanent life, disability, critical illness and guaranteed Issue insurance products that offer unique and market leading benefits to your client, competitive premiums, and top-tier commissions. Phew! That’s a mouthful and it’s a no-brainer!

Sell insurance 24/7, with no effort. With our enterprise SaaS technology, we’ve worked hard to make it simple for you.

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Instant Approvals
with Our A.I.

The core of our ability to get 95% close rates is our data-driven, A.I.-powered selection engine, also known as “The Brain.” We use health, demographic and over 10,000 data points to find the best product for your customer’s lifestyle. Our machine learning tech can even pivot to more appropriate products, so if there is a high probability of a decline for one product, your customers won’t just have to walk away empty handed. Increase close rates, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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Choose from Unique Products

Unlike the other kinds of “similar services,” our insurance solutions are leading and proprietary products, with cool and unique options like living benefits. Translation? You aren’t tied to just one product, you can choose between different products within the life, disability, critical illness and guaranteed issue categories. You can even offer more than one product within a category on your own white labeled website and let The Brain decide which product will display to get the best chance of closing. And if a customer gets declined or has a high probability of a decline, The Brain offers an alternative insurance product to match their lifestyle. Can you say Ka-Ching!

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Easy to Get Started

Built "Ready Out of the Box" for Your Organization. Selling instant decision insurance is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

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  3. Start driving traffic to your InstaBrain website from your call center, marketing campaigns, company website or through your agency agents.

Have an existing platform application you would like to integrate with the InstaBrain API? Drop us a note and we’ll show you how easy it is to integrate with InstaBrain to take your sales out of the dark agesand all of your options.

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